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Kitchen Cabinets



We are currently working on two kitchen cabinets projects.  Our warehouse is a busy painting station these past few weeks.

The process begins with removing all cabinet fronts and drawers and transporting them to our shop.  Then they are sanded and primed.  The cabinetry in the home is also sanded and primed.

One project has the main cabinets and drawers going from tired old wood to a bright clean white!  The island is being painted gray for a contrast but coordinated color scheme. 

The 2nd project has red cabinets and drawers with a dark oak glaze applied for a beautiful antique patina.  All of the cabinets, drawers and cabinetry in the home will receive two coats of polyurethane for an amazing result.

This is a great economical and ecological way to freshen your kitchen!




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When choosing color for a room one of the dilemmas that often arises is what color do I paint the trim so that it looks good with my wall color. Often the default is white or some variation on that theme but one alternate solution might be a monochromatic color scheme. We have done a number of projects over the years where the most dramatic effect used in a project was single color scheme, but many people shy away from this choice because they are afraid it might be too much color or be boring, but by altering the sheen or a slight color difference on different surfaces you can create a truly unique and beautiful effect.

By choosing a monochrome color scheme it give you the ability to make fabrics, furniture or accessories a more dramatic focal point of a room. Additionally it allows you to highlight the architectural details of a room but not make them the focal point and do something unique in your home design.


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Not all Paint is Created Equal

During the course of many of the projects that DiPasquale Painting completes one thing that we continually run into is clients wanting to use a satin or eggshell finish when a flat or matte would be a better choice. What we find is that the primary misconception driving that choice is that flat or matte finish paint isn't as durable and won't hold up to the wear and tear that paints with a higher sheen will. Though it is true that as you go up in sheen you also gain some durability the advances in paint technology that are now available in the lower sheen paints make them a smart choice in many instances.

Though not necessarily a new technology washable and scrubable matte and flat paints have a number benefits. First and most importantly is that as you go down in sheen you also limit how much the natural imperfections in a surface show up. With higher sheen paints any nail pops, drywall seams or previous patches that were not done perfectly has a tendency to want to show up. These imperfections could have multiple layers of previously applied paint over them making them more difficult to sand and patch. By using a washable and scrubable matte or flat you get the benefit of a more forgiving finish while also getting the convenience of being able to remove stains and scuffs like you can with satins and semi glosses.

Another benefit is that many homes architecturally do not lend themselves to a higher sheen paint or a designer want's to use a low sheen to provide an effect in a space and having available a durable low sheen paint can allow you to achieve that effect you are looking for.

In regard to available products we have had great success with the Duration Home and Emerald lines from Sherwin Williams. Though most major manufacturers have low sheen, washable paints available these two we have used extensively and can say from experience that they perform great.

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