When choosing paint finishes a number of considerations need to be taken into account such as how much durability do I need, how do I want the light to play on the surface or how does the paint sheen fit into my design plan. Below we have highlighted the primary paint sheens available and what attributes they bring to each paint decision for your home.

-MATTE or FLAT finishes do not reflect light therefore they are good for hiding imperfections on walls such as small dumps or cracks.

-EGGSHELL has a very low shine or gloss

-SATIN has a smooth and velvety look with a bit more shine than eggshell.  It is typically used on windows, doors and trim

-SEMI-GLOSS has a nice subtle shine and is easy to clean.  It is used most often on doors, trim and cabinets in kitchen and bathrooms

-GLOSSY has a shiny finish that is used for a dramatic look

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