One of the things we occasionally run into with our clients during a project is their confusion when a paint doesn’t look in their home like it looked in the paint store or design show room. The primary culprit in that occurring is lighting and its effect on color. We always recommend that you look at color in the room that it will be applied in and at different times of the day because these factors can have a dramatic effect on how a color looks.

Below we have included several different types of lighting and how they can effect how a color is perceived and hopefully this will be helpful when making color choices for your project and remember that the new LED lights cover the entire spectrum of colors depending on their lumen value so an LED in one room may not show the same as an LED in another if the lumen value is different.

Fluorescent lighting will bring out the coolness of a color….the blues and greens.

Incandescent lighting will bring out the warmth of a color….the reds, yellow and oranges.

Natural lighting will show the truest color.

Remember to look at your paint color in daylight and evening light….it will look different!