Though the latest snow and freezing rain might mask this fact Spring is coming and exterior painting season will be in full swing. One thing that everyone needs to be aware of is that with the introduction of low temperature paints a few years ago we have the ability to start this season earlier than ever and even paint during the winter months if need be.

In the past 50 degrees and rising was the bench mark for being able to paint outside but now the new paint technologies have lowered that threshold to 35 degrees and even lower in some instances. We can effectively, and with a performance guarantee from the manufacturer, perform any exterior painting project as long as the surface is clean and dry during this cooler weather and that brings with it some benefits to you. By being flexible in your timing you can take advantage of early season discounts and get a jump on the painting rush that takes place every Spring all while having the piece of mind that the job is being done effectively and will last for years.