It’s All in the Prep!

The first thing that we take into account on EVERY painting project we look at is the prep work involved necessary to be able to do the job correctly. The reason for this is that no matter how fantastic we make something look when we paint it if the prep wasn’t done correctly then ultimately the potential for failure is there. All surfaces must be clean and dry, free of dust, free of contaminants like oil or cleaning product residue and of course loose paint. If any one of these isn’t addressed properly then the integrity of everything that goes on that surface is compromised.

Because the prep is so important we make sure that every surface is washed, scraped, sanded, caulked, spackled and spot primed prior to us doing any painting work. This certainly isn’t the fun part of a paint job, I mean who doesn’t like to see color going on, but it is definitely the most important and the key to a long lasting, beautiful and professional job.

Remember it’s all in the prep!

Exterior Painting
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