High Quality Roof Cleaning and Shingle Cleaning

stlouisroofcleaning1DiPasquale Painting and Home Improvements has been specializing in roof cleaning in the St. Louis Area since 1995. We have hundreds of satisfied customers and challenge any company to stand up to our Service and Quality.
DiPasquale Painting and Home Improvements is a full service, roof cleaner that provides roof cleaning, shingle cleaning and many additional services that your roof may need.

Superior St. Louis Roof Cleaning, Guaranteed

Initial roof cleaning using Roof Cleaner QSE removes the unsightly stains and restores a sense of pride in your home and curb appeal.
• Removes ugly roof stains
• Fast Same Day Results

Stain Blocking – Keeping your roof clean!
Annual Roof Armor application keeps your roof clean.
• Gentle No-Rinse Application
• Prevents Stains From Coming Back!

Roof Cleaning Facts
• 50% of roofs are replaced for appearence and could have been cleaned
• 90% of home owners do not know that a roof can be cleaned
• Roof Stains trap heat and can increase home cooling costs by 20%

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Remodeling and Home DesignDiPasquale Painting was named Best in Customer Service by the St. Louis Houzz Community for 2015!