When the time comes to start any new painting project the question of what color to choose is often the biggest challenge any homeowner faces. Often it isn’t just what do we like or how does it go with the furniture, though those are certainly big considerations, but how do we want the room to “feel” when it is finished and what response do we want the color to elicit. To help with that we have provided a bit of insight into color and how it effects the overall effect from a design standpoint but also how it effects people emotionally when they are in that space.

Warm colors (reds, oranges and yellows) help give a room energy and intensity. They are good choices for rooms that are used for activities or stimulation such as the kitchen, playroom or exercise room.

Cool colors (blues, greens and purples) help give a soothing or serene feeling to a room. They are good choices for rooms that are used for relaxing such as a bedroom or powder room.

Remember to create balance with warm and cool colors. No room should have just one. If your room has a predominately warm color palette, add a few cool items or accessories (and vice versa). This will create the balance needed and is a good way to incorporate your favorite color. For instance, if red is your favorite color it may not be the best choice for your bedroom walls if you want a calm place to rest. Instead, choose a warm blue or purple for your walls and accent the room with red vases, lamps or artwork.

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